Rose Romance 2022 | Gardens by the Bay

Soaking in the idyllic Italian summertime at Rose Romance 2022.

There is something quietly fascinating about roses, yes?

The Queen of Flowers has long been synonymous with love and beauty. Its symmetrical complexity continues to enchant and mesmerise worldwide.

Culturally, the rose has represented everything from wars to tragedy, to goddesses, to religious devotion.

From now till June 12, roses will also represent the tranquil Italian summer at Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome. Held in partnership with the Embassy of Italy in Singapore, over 40 varieties of roses grace a picturesque Italian countryside landscape. One that includes classic arches, a village alley, and of course, a secret garden.

It’s magical to stroll through, believe me. Did I mention classic Italian songs like O Sole Mio are also playing everywhere?

For gardening/selfie enthusiasts, Gardens by the Bay is also partnering with a different florist each week. In other words, a different beauty will grace Rose Romance weekly till mid-June.

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